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Custom Computer Cable Building

Custom Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses
Computer Cables, RF Cables, Video, SATA & SAS Cables, Flat-Flexible, Industrial, etc.

We are a world class custom cable manufacturer and wire harness manufacturer, with a long tradition of innovation and superior service to customers in the computer, communications, services, and manufacturing industries. For engineering driven corporate customers, we offer built-to-spec cable assemblies, cable prototyping, and co-engineered designs to meet even the most stringent customer requirements.

 ISO 9001:2000 QC processes conform to military specifications and 6006000 workmanship standards. Our highly skilled manufacturing and engineering staff is fully committed to a zero-defect quality program and ensures the highest quality workmanship available. Our engineering support begins from the moment of your inquiry and continues till long after your product has been delivered. Through our distribution partners, we also offer high quality inventory management, using SC / VMI processes. All our efforts are oriented towards one single goal: complete customer satisfaction.

From basic cable assemblies to complex proprietary solutions, we are ready to answer your call on any of the following:

CableCustom Wire Harnesses & Cable Harnesses

With automated tooling for cost effective wire harness manufacturing, we offer the widest range of expertise in the production of custom cable harnesses design for applications such as Electro-mechanical wire harnesses, Alarm / Surveillance and Security Wire Harnesses, Passive component-to-wire applications, Industrial Wiring Harnesses, etc.

Custom Internal Data Cables and Adapters, Custom SAS / SATA cable assemblies, Security Cables

We are experienced in a wide variety of custom and standard internal computer & server cables, as well as, cable harnesses for closed circuit security systems. We can provide high quality USB, serial, parallel, and Audio / Video adapters and converters. We can also be your one stop source for SAS, Mini SAS or iSAS - the newest generation of Serial Attached SCSI cables - as well as SATA technology. We offer a complete selection of SATA and SATA II Cables and are experienced in providing SATA custom cables solutions to our corporate and channel partners.

Custom Flat Flexible Cable Assemblies

Designed for moving applications that require a high degree of flexibility, FFC is a quality product at an exceptional price. Flat Flexible Cable Assemblies are supplied for a large diversity of applications, such as Scanners, Notebooks, DVDs, LCD Monitors, Fax Printers, Digital Cameras, Telephones, Medical Equipment, Controllers, Radios, Appliances, as well as the widest range of harnesses for Consumer Electronics.

Fiber Optic Cable3Fiber Optic Cables - Custom Lengths 

High quality custom fiber optic cables for high-speed network applications: Singlemode, Multimode, MTP LC, MT-RJ, SC, SC/APC, ST, FC, FC/APC, MTP, FDDI, Mini BNC, SMA, D4

OEM Cable Assemblies

We specialize in manufacturing complete custom molded assemblies for OEM users in need of turn-key cable solutions. With our deep expertise in off-shore manufacturing, we eliminate the stress of direct outsourcing and having to deal with offshore manufacturers.

Custom RF / Coax Cables Assemblies and Coaxial Adapters 

In flexible, conformable, or semi-rigid versions, these coaxial cable assemblies and patch cords are ideal for applications ranging from wireless, test and measurement, GPS, RFID, satellite, radar, missile systems, aerospace, educational, automotive, and medical. RF cable assemblies are proven to be the high quality, economical method of transmitting high frequency signals. Particularly the semi-rigid RF cables offer low insertion loss, are phase and amplitude stable, and can achieve very small bend radii. A large variety of RF cable and connector types have been developed to meet the specific needs of various industries and applications in terms of frequency, transmission quality, power, and mechanical characteristics.

RoHS CableOff-Shore Volume Cable Manufacturing

We have a deep level of expertise in assisting our volume customers reduce their manufacturing costs by outsourcing to factories in Asia. Our local engineering staff has worked with many of our customers in the development of new products " from molded custom cables to complex wire harness assemblies. With our extensive resources in North America and Asia, we cost-effectively expedite design and production.

Industrial and Control Cables, Aerospace and Air Traffic Control Cable Assemblies

In support of our manufacturing clients we are engaged in the design and the production of Industrial Ethernet cables, industrial cable assemblies for Coax and Twin-ax Applications, Industrial Wire Harnesses, Flexible Automation and Robotics Cables, Industrial Cables for Control & Instrumentation, Molded Industrial Cables, RoHS Compliant Cables for Industrial Use, etc . Furthermore, major Aerospace contractors and Air Traffic Control Equipment manufacturers rely on our cable manufacturing expertise for reliable, top quality assemblies to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of their industry.

High Tech Custom Hydra Cables

We manufacture custom hydra cable assemblies, both traditional and specialty type: 2 pair, 3 pair 4 pair and 25 pair; also 16, 24, and 25 legs. Connectors include Telco, DB, RCA, minijack A/V, and PS/2 keyboard. The picture illustrates a custom harness connecting A/V devices and PCBs. A specially sourced thin gauge wire was used, undled within a molded PVC jacket, to provide a lightweight, compact product.

Custom Molded Cables

We can custom build, custom mold and over-mold your cable design. Molded connectors last longer than assembled connectors and allow custom logos and proprietary designs. Also, having your cables injection molded, we lower the cost of your cables and increase the quality of the assembly. 

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